Gap Entry Procedures Amended

Friday 2 October 2020

Following a review of the GAP entry process, the industry self-foster admission pathway has been removed, effective immediately.

The industry self-foster admission pathway was available to all owners who had applied to have their greyhound rehomed through GAP. Following completion of the 28-day wind-down period, an owner could self-foster a greyhound for a minimum of three weeks. If the greyhound then passed assessment, it was able to enter GAP at the next available slot, irrespective of the greyhound’s position on the waitlist. If the greyhound did not pass assessment, it was returned to the owner and then entered GAP in accordance with its position on the waitlist.

Moving forward, the only admission pathway to GAP is as per the GAP entry process that took effect on 1 May 2020. Greyhounds enter the facility in accordance with their position on the waitlist order, provided the eligibility criteria has been met (Completion of the 28-day wind-down from racing and a current C5 vaccination).

Industry participants who are able to self-foster their greyhound are still encouraged to do so, however entry into the program will be strictly in accordance with the order of the waitlist.

Belinda Lewis

Animal Welfare Manager

2 October 2020