Ladbrokes Tasmania Cup Final 2021 – Bullys Delight

Wednesday 21 April 2021

MEDIA RELEASE – Department of Primary Industries, Parks,Water and Environment – Office of Racing Integrity

Under the powers of AHRR 300 and AHRR 181 the Controlling Body in Tasmania, being the Office of Racing Integrity (ORI), Acting Director Tony Latham authorised Mr Ray Murrihy, a Steward of some 50 years standing in the racing codes including a term as Chairman of Stewards in Tasmania, to exercise all the powers conferred by the Rules to inquire into and determine any matter or occurrence arising out of or connected with the Race.

On Tuesday 13 April 2021,the Inquiry was conducted at the Office of Racing Integrity officein Launceston,whereby Mr RhysNicholson appeared, gave evidence and made submissions. OwnersMr JimKefalas and Mr Phillip Winder were granted leave to give evidence and make submissions by video conference from Victoria. Trainer Mr JohnNicholson on medical grounds was also given leave to give evidence and make submissions via video conference from Victoria.

The Appointed Steward determines that the way Mr RhysNicholson drove or behaved in the home straight in the Race involved deliberate and egregious violations of the Rules, being so far outside of what is permitted for the conduct of harness racing that they would be viewed as an affront by any fairminded person.

The Appointed Steward invokes the powers of AHRR174 and determines that BULLYS DELIGHT be given a lower placing in the Race. Accordingly, BULLYS DELIGHT is relegated from its first(1st)placing to fourteenth(14th)placing in the Ladbroke’s Tasmanian Pacing Cup Final conducted at Ladbrokes Park, Elwick on the 13 March 2021, with the first four placings now to read:

  • 1st Place: THE SHALLOWS
  • 2ndPlace: LIP READER
  • 3rdPlace: EARL JUJON
  • 4thPlace: IZAHA

Under AHRR174(2) there is to be no effect of this ruling on settlement of bets and wagers.

The detailed inquiry decision can be found on the Office of Racing Integrity website: