Monday 20 December 2021

You are invited to provide a submission on the attached draft of the Tasmanian Greyhound Rules of Racing which incorporates the Greyhounds Australasia Rules and the Tasmanian Greyhound Local Rules of Racing.

Where previously there was both a Local Rule Book and a National Rule Book, the Local Rules have now been imbedded into the National Rules which will make the application and understanding of the rules much simpler.

The consultation is offered to industry to review the Local Rules only (not the National Rules) and provide submissions detailing any comments, feedback or suggested amendments to the Local Rules.

All submissions must be in writing and identified with the name and address of the person making the submission.  Submissions close at 5pm on Monday 10 January 2022. Submissions should be forwarded by post to Greyhound Rules Review, Tasracing, PO Box 730, Glenorchy, 7010 or p.wesley@tasracing.com.au.

The Tasmanian Greyhound Racing Local Rules are referenced by the letter “L” and appear in red text.

To assist in recognition of the “old” rules, both the National Rules and the Local Rules are referenced with the “old” rule number in brackets at the commencement.

In addition there are tables at the back of the draft which provide a reference for the old rules to the new rules for both the GAR and the Local Rules.

All submissions will then be reviewed and the final draft of the rules will be presented to the Greyhound Reference Group for recommendation.

While a number of Local Rules have been amended, most of those changes are to wording and do not change the intent of the current rule, however to assist participants in their review of the Local Rules, the following details what we have identified as the most significant changes or new Local Rules included in the draft:

Local Rule 30 – Barking Muzzles

The draft rules propose a ban on both the possession and use of a barking muzzle which is defined in GAR30.

Local Rule 46B – Partnerships and Syndicates

The draft rules make provision for the registration of a Public Syndicate which has been registered with ASIC.  Due to the introduction of these rules, the syndicate rules have been segregated between those that apply to Private Syndicates, Public Syndicates and to both syndicates.

Local Rule 75D.2 – Participation in Races

The draft rule allows for a greyhound to continue to race in the name of the Estate of a deceased person until such time as the Estate has been finalised.

Click here to view or download a copy of the draft rules.

Liam Swan

Racing Operations Manager

20 December 2021