NWC Group update 21 July 2022

Thursday 21 July 2022

Hi Everyone

I enjoyed my latest trip to the NWC this week and held meetings with a number of stakeholders and participants over 4 days

Here is an update relating to some main items of interest –

Prospective sites:
Mill Rd

Tasracing has agreed a price with the vendor and we are now negotiating key terms

I hope that we will be able to finalise a contract within a couple of weeks

As previously advised, the proposed site includes room for a harness training track and stabling

If a contract is signed, industry will be closely consulted in relation to track and facility design

Other sites

Two other sites are possible alternatives and investigative works are proceeding as resources are available

Harness training – Maxfield track:

Additional tie-ups are complete

Running rail sight bands soon to be installed on bends

Portaloo now onsite

Horse drinking water to tie-ups being priced for installation

Wash bays being priced and will include grey water management

    • The DHRC met earlier this week and will be working with Tasracing to maintain the track, we are also planning to get a lockable storage container

Greyhound training:

Tasracing is looking into a number of options to provide trainers with a venue in the short-term.

Thank you and regards