New proposed Wesley Vale site for north west coast harness and greyhound tracks

Saturday 20 August 2022

Tasracing has announced its new preferred location for harness and greyhound tracks on the north-west coast.

Proposed for private land on 27 hectares opposite the Devonport Airport, Tasracing is planning to build new racetracks for the harness and greyhound codes with an $8 million contribution from the Tasmanian Government over two years.

Tasracing acting CEO Andrew Jenkins said initial site investigation works had been completed.

“These include geotechnical and agricultural assessment and compliance,” he said.

“We have also completed the concept layout design for the tracks and amenities buildings.”

Mr Jenkins said the next steps for Tasracing would include the preparation and submission of a Development Application (DA) to the Latrobe Council.

“Tasracing has acquired the land subject to a subdivision and DA being approved,” he said.

“While we will undertake appropriate community and industry consultation regarding the proposed development at the new site, any DA would also be subject to a further consultation period as part of the council’s decision-making.

“Additional studies will also be undertaken by Tasracing to support the DA application.”

Mr Jenkins said much of the original work for the Palmers Road site development could be applied to the new proposed site at Wesley Vale.

“It is not a matter of starting again, though we will obviously need to make some adjustments to the concept design and masterplan,” he said.

Mr Jenkins said Tasracing would engage with its harness and greyhound industry partners as much as possible regarding the proposed new site.