Size and Scope of the Tasmanian Racing Industry Report | 2021/22 Update

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Tasracing commissioned a report last year on the size and scope of the Tasmanian racing industry, produced by IER, which clearly showed the positive impact racing has on Tasmania from an economic, employment and cultural standpoint, and greatly aided in delivering Tasracing’s It’s Why We Race public awareness campaign.

A new report has recently been commissioned, with IER to undertake an update of the report using data from 2021/22, with additional detailed analysis to be undertaken on participants and animal preparation to gain greater insights into numbers and costs.

The last IER report, released in October 2021, was based on results from the 2018/19 financial year.

Tasracing was unable to utilise 2019/20 results as the industry was closed for 10 weeks and would not have provided an accurate picture of racing’s true impact.

In Tasracing’s strategic plan, a commitment was made to commission reviews every three years to clearly articulate the growth and ongoing positive impact of the racing industry on the state.

As part of the report, IER will be contacting race clubs and a wide range of industry participants with specific requests for information over the coming months.

Tasracing are requesting assistance from industry participants and clubs, and asks that any requests for information be responded to as quickly as practical to assist with the preparation of the report.

Tasracing cannot emphasise enough how positive and effective the last report has been, not only in supporting the industry and refuting claims about its significance but in clearly explaining to the government the key outcomes and importance of the racing industry in Tasmania.

Key findings that Tasracing uses often to speak about the importance of the industry to the state include:

  • The industry generates close to $185 million in value-added contribution to the Tasmanian economy, 38% directly benefiting regional communities.
  • The industry supports 1,515 full-time equivalent jobs.
  • More than 5,800 individuals are involved in racing as either an employee, participant or volunteer, 63% of these in regional communities.
  • The industry generated almost $165 million in direct expenditure in Tasmania.
  • Racing is a strong industry with close regional ties throughout the state.

Tasracing expects that the 2021/22 Size and Scope of the Tasmanian Racing Industry report will be released in early 2023.

Should you have any questions relating to this report, please contact Robbie Lehman via

Tasracing would like to thank our industry participants and club members in advance for their assistance.