Brighton text 8 Feb 2023

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Due to extreme layers of solid bluestone rock near the dam the pipe laying progress has been extremely slow going and difficult work. This has been frustrating for all involved.

 Over the coming days and weeks Crossroads Civil will be excavating trenches in sections from the dam end of the site heading towards the day stall end of the site. In consultation with the Trainers Association, in order to facilitate this work and to recover lost time due to rock, Crossroads Civil will be using temporary steel mesh fencing to protect the worksite and to protect you and your horses from the excavations. Please be aware of the fencing when it is erected and please take the necessary precautions with your horses when moving past the fencing. It is likely that the fencing will move each day so please familiarise yourselves with the fencing location each day prior to moving horses. For stable block occupants when the work is occurring in front of your stable blocks please make use of alternate parking locations in order to provide a clear path for Crossroads Civil to move past your stable block as quickly as possible.

 There have been a number of near misses with people and vehicles near active plant equipment in recent weeks. For everyone’s safety please keep clear of plant equipment all times particularly when the plant equipment is in operation. If you do need to move past a piece of active plant equipment, please gain the attention of the spotter/supervisor before moving past. Please do not attempt to distract the plant equipment operator while they are actively operating the plant equipment. The spotter/supervisor will have the operator pause operations and let you know when it is safe to move past.

 Please remember that these works, whilst disruptive at the moment, are intended to mitigate flooding events, to improve the health and safety outcomes for all participants and are for your direct benefit.

 Thank you for your cooperation.

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