Equine Welfare Code of Practice

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Media Release (joint statement from Tasracing and ORI)

An enforceable draft Code of Practice for equine welfare and management is under development.

The decision to develop the code follows a review of industry rules relating to equine welfare by Tasracing and the Office of Racing Integrity.

It is proposed that the Code of Practice will include a set of minimum standards for the care of both thoroughbred and harness racehorses.

Work has commenced on the development of the draft code, which will be linked to the Rules of Racing and will therefore become enforceable.

Industry will be consulted on the draft.

Once developed, it will be one of the first enforceable equine welfare Codes of Practice in racing across Australia, and is a further demonstration of Tasracing’s and the Office of Racing Integrity’s commitment towards best practice animal welfare outcomes.

Tasracing recently appointed Dr Martin Lenz to the newly created position of Chief Veterinary and Animal Welfare Officer.

He is providing advice and services to Tasracing and the broader Tasmanian racing industry regarding the delivery of animal welfare.

The development of an enforceable Code of Practice for equine welfare and management is part of this work.