Tasmanian Greyhound Rules of Racing – LR22.17

Friday 7 July 2023

Please be aware that there has been an update to LR22.17 in the Tasmanian Greyhound Rules of Racing.

L22.17  In the event that a registered greyhound is notified to the Director as being retired as a pet, transferred to an adoption program (other than Tasracing’s Greyhound Adoption Program) or surrendered to another agency it shall cease to be registered as a greyhound for the purposes of racing or breeding under the provisions of the Rules.For the sake of clarity, any greyhound within Tasracing’s Greyhound Adoption Program remains a greyhound under these Rules, and therefore subject to all associated oversight by the Director of Racing in accordance with all Tasracing Rules and Policies.

The updated document is available here.