Unleashing the stars within

Thursday 13 July 2023

Tasracing knows that every one of our participants possess a unique story, a remarkable journey that deserves to be celebrated and shared with the world. We believe that our extraordinary participants are not just riders, drivers or trainers; they are the unsung heroes of the track.

One of the key ways we will be supporting our industry participants moving forward is by providing them with a captivating public profile. We understand that the power of connection lies within personal stories, and through our platform, we aim to give these remarkable individuals a voice.

“Our participants put in so much work behind the scenes in all areas of their craft,” said Tasracing Participation and Industry Development Manager, Warren Heilig.

“It’s vital for Tasracing to provide a platform that enables different areas of our industry to showcase their talents above and beyond what is seen on the racetrack,” Heilig added.

Being a racing participant isn’t just about the thrill of the race; it opens doors to exciting opportunities beyond the track. For example, jockeys and drivers have the chance to build a media profile. They can grow their personal brand on social media, captivating followers with their stories and fostering a loyal fan base.

At Tasracing, we are committed to championing these incredible individuals and those behind the scenes, showcasing the spirit of racing like never before. Together, we will redefine the perception of racing, shining a spotlight on the immense talent that exists within.