Interim Report into Tasmanian Harness Racing

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Tasracing CEO Andrew Jenkins said Tasracing was pleased that the interim report from Mr Murrihy was aligned to work already being undertaken, including the development of an enforceable Code of Practice for equine welfare and management.

“Tasracing’s Chief Veterinary & Animal Welfare Officer, Dr Martin Lenz, has led development of such a Code that has already been circulated to industry participants for consultation and is expected to be implemented over the coming months,” he said.

“It is intended that the Code of Practice will include a set of minimum standards for the care of both thoroughbred and harness racehorses, and will be linked to the Rules of Racing and therefore become enforceable.

Mr Jenkins said he noted Mr Murrihy’s comments related to ratings, programming and balloting.

“Tasracing will review the interim report in detail and respond accordingly,” he said.

Mr Jenkins said Tasracing’s Equity in Participation Policy for the harness code was introduced on 1 July this year.

“Early analysis indicated that it was proving effective in allowing access to races for trainers who would otherwise find it difficult to do so,” he said.