Tasracing statement in response to Rosalie Woodruff’s comments regarding the Tasmanian racing industry.

Saturday 28 October 2023

As we have noted before, Tasracing will correct any misinformation or misinformed commentary regarding the Tasmanian racing industry when it occurs.

The latest example of this happened late this week when the Leader of the Tasmanian Greens, Dr Rosalie Woodruff, described the industry as “stinking”.

In support of our hard-working participants, Tasracing won’t tolerate such baseless insults from the minorities. In fact, we will continue to advocate proudly and actively for Tasmanian racing and its participants.

Dr Woodruff – and other critics – has drawn a line between the behaviour of one participant, Anthony Bullock, and the entire industry.

Greyhound trainers love and care for their dogs and their industry. It is simply wrong – and too easy – to suggest that the actions of one person are reflective of the entire industry.

Despite what Dr Woodruff says, the racing industry continues to be in a strong place – participant numbers are growing, as is annual racing attendance.

We also note continued, tiresome commentary regarding Tasracing’s receipt of Government funding. We again take the opportunity to explain the facts, and the full story, reminding our stakeholders that such funding is provided as compensation for the Government of the day selling TOTE Tasmania and robbing the racing industry of its, until that point, self-funding position.

The economic contribution is also growing – in 2021/22 the Tasmanian racing industry generated close to $208 million in value-added contribution to the Tasmanian economy – 40 per cent of which directly benefited regional economies, with more than 6,400 individuals either employed, direct participants or volunteers.

The industry generated almost $190 million in direct expenditure in the Tasmanian economy, with 48 per cent of this in regional communities.

Of course, the industry has zero tolerance for any type of cruelty towards animals.

The Tasracing Board has endorsed a Code of Practice for greyhound welfare and management, a recommendation from the independent Sykes Report commissioned by Tasracing.

The enforceable Code of Practice was prepared by Dr Martin Lenz, our Chief Veterinary and Animal Welfare Officer, and will be shared with industry participants as soon as practical for their feedback.