Commencing December 2022, Tasracing has implemented a new system called eftsure (get.eftsure.com.au) to manage supplier data and reduce the risk of payment error, fraud and cybercrime. All of Tasracing’s suppliers of goods and services are required to provide business information to eftsure for independent verification before conducting business with Tasracing, and payments are processed.

As part of the eftsure process all new suppliers will receive an email and/or a verification phone call to confirm the following details:

  • bank details
  • ABN
  • trading name
  • GST registration
  • company contact for remittance advices.

About eftsure

eftsure is an independent, real-time, continuous controls monitoring system designed to manage supplier onboarding and data management.

It ensures accurate electronic funds transfer of payments, providing greater assurance to its customers and their suppliers that when payments are processed, the funds are going where they are intended.

Supplier data provided during onboarding is verified by eftsure to ensure that only legitimate information is entered into Tasracing’s finance system.

eftsure guidance for existing suppliers

You can update your details at any time by contacting Tasracing’s Accounts Payable team and asking them to send an ‘eftsure change request’.

You will then receive an email from eftsure with a link to update your data in the eftsure portal, and a confirmation email once your data has been verified.

Depending on the data to be updated, you may receive a phone call from an eftsure team member to verify your details over the phone before you receive a confirmation email.

It is your responsibility to ensure your details are up to date. Please notify us immediately if your details change, or if you notice any discrepancies.

eftsure guidance for new suppliers

As part of the onboarding process, you will be asked by Tasracing’s Accounts Payable team to supply your company name, and email address.

You will then receive an email invitation from eftsure asking you to register your details as a new supplier, including your:

  • ABN
  • company name
  • address
  • email
  • bank account details.

After you have registered your details, you may receive a call from an eftsure team member (usually within 24-48 hours) to verify that the details are correct.

You will receive a confirmation email from eftsure when your data has been verified.

You can contact Tasracing’s Accounts Payable team on (03) 6212 9333 or ap@tasracing.com.au.