Greyhound Industry Release | Use of Drones

Greyhound industry participants would be aware of the public release in recent days of drone footage taken over the private property of greyhound industry participants. Tasracing cannot rule out further instances of similar drone use in the future, or how vision obtained will be distributed.

Tasracing is exploring whether the use of drones above private property without consent may constitute an offence under Tasmanian law or give rise to other private legal rights.

Tasracing intends to contact the Office of the Commissioner of Police to request a meeting to discuss the legality of drone use over private property and whether such use may constitute trespass or any other criminal offence. Tasracing will report to industry participants in respect to the outcome of that dialogue in due course.

Tasracing has observed that the use of drones in close proximity to animals appears to have agitated and caused distress to some of the animals involved and we will also be contacting the RSPCA to seek their support in condemning those who are using the drones.

In the intervening period if any industry participant is concerned by the use of drones over or around their property, Tasracing recommends contacting Tasmania Police and reporting the incident to Tasracing.

We understand that incidents like these can have a significant impact on you. It is critical to remember that Tasracing cares about your well-being, and there are resources available to support you during any difficult times. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is accessible to industry participants if required. It is free to use, and is designed to offer 100 per cent confidential support.

If you need someone to talk to or seek guidance, the EAP is always there for you. You can contact our EAP, Positive Solutions on 1800 064 039.