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Hosted live stream schedule provides free live streaming of all Tasmanian meetings.
Major meetings are hosted. Below is a schedule of live hosted meetings for the 2018-2019 racing year.

Launceston Thoroughbreds 9/3/19 Duncan Dornauf
Hobart Harness 10/3/19  Tasmania Cup Heat, Eric Reece Memorial Heats, LHT Cup heats Duncan Dornauf
Launceston Thoroughbreds 13/3/19 Duncan Dornauf
Hobart Harness 16/3/19 Tasmania Cup (Group 2), George Johnson (Listed), Trotting Cup, Oaks (Group 3), Derby (Group 3), Eric Reece Final, LHT Cup, Tasmanian Free For All Duncan Dornauf
Launceston Thoroughbreds 20/3/19 Duncan Dornauf
Devonport Harness 24/3/19  Patrons Marathon, Allen Williams Memorial Final, Leigh Plunkett, Latrobe Cup Duncan Dornauf
Launceston Thoroughbreds 27/3/19 Duncan Dornauf
Hobart Harness 29/3/19  Ascot Gold Cup Duncan Dornauf
Launceston Thoroughbreds 3/4/19 Duncan Dornauf
Launceston THoroughbreds 6/4/19 Duncan Dornauf
Launceston Harness 7/4/19 Easter Cup heats and Golden Slipper Duncan Dornauf
Launceston Thoroughbreds 19/4/19 Duncan Dornauf
Launceston Harness 20/4/19 Easter Cup (Group 2), Launceston Trotting Cup, Kevin Gillies Memorial Duncan Dornauf
Launceston Thoroughbreds 24/4/19 Anzac Day Eve Duncan Dornauf
Hobart Harness 26/4/19 Blue Bonnet and Sires Produce Duncan Dornauf
Launceston Thoroughbreds 5/5/19 Matthew Reid
Launceston Thoroughbreds 12/5/19 Matthew Reid
Launceston Thoroughbreds 19/5/19 Matthew Reid
Hobart Harness 16/6/19 Globe Derby (Group 2) and Bandbox (Group 2) Finals Duncan Dornauf
Hobart Harness 21/6/19 Sweepstakes Finals Duncan Dornauf
Devonport Harness 23/6/19 Raider Stakes Final (Group 2) and Granny Smith Final (Group 2) Duncan Dornauf
Launceston Harness 7/7/19 Evicus and Dandy Patch Finals (Both Group 2) Duncan Dornauf

Subject to change. Additional race dates to be added upon release of Harness feature race calendar.