Its Why We Race Tasmanian Mini Trot Season 2022/23





Welcome to the It’s Why We Race Tasmanian Mini Trots Season 2022/23.

On behalf of the host harness racing clubs, we can’t wait to welcome all our Mini Trots Drivers back to the track.

Tasracing has taken on the naming rights to the season, so we will be running as the It’s Why We Race Mini Trots.

Our aim for the It’s Why We Race campaign is to show the public how fantastic an industry, career and lifestyle racing is. And of course, how much we all care for our animals like they are one of the family.

Aligning the It’s Why We Race message with Mini Trots will help get the message out to more young people throughout the community.

Best of luck to you, the next generation of Tasmanian harness racing heroes. Thank you to the parents, friends and family who will no doubt play a big part in getting you to the track ready to go!

Andrew Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer (Acting