Brooker Highway upgrade – changed traffic conditions

Friday 18 March 2016

With reference to the Brooker Highway upgrade, and more specifically the works on the Goodwood Road and Elwick site, we would ask everyone to make note of the following planned works:

  1. During the next 14 days the main contractor – Hazellbros, will commence works on our staff/members car parking area adjacent to the Grandstand. Please note this will result in:
  • The carpark area being completely closed to all;
  • Changed traffic conditions;
  • Temporary car parking established on the leger with gravel walkways to the complex;
  • Temporary road established across the leger to connect to the internal road to the greyhound kennels/tracks;
  • Please note, access to both the temporary car parking and temporary road will be through the fence line to the left of the leger grandstand.
  1. These works will continue for the next 12-16 weeks.
  1. There will also be changes to traffic conditions along the Goodwood Road as a result of the roadworks.

We have requested the Department of State Growth to reduce the speed limit along the Goodwood Road, adjacent to Elwick Racecourse from 80km/hr to 60km/hr.

We would ask everyone to exercise caution and make note of road signage and road conditions.


Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact Kim Elliott:

Mobile: 0438 369 019