King Island Harness Racing – Changes for 2016/17

Thursday 30 June 2016

Tasracing and the King Island Racing Club have agreed on changes for harness racing on King Island next season. The aim is to increase the number of horses on the island to ensure that two harness races can be conducted at each of the seven meetings.

The class of races will be similar to previous seasons – 3R0/3R1/R0 and R1 and better.

The 3R0/3R1/R0 class will feature four standing starts and three mobiles. In stands, 3R0, 3R1 and R0 horses will be on the front mark and R1 horses (if required) will be on 10 metres.

There will be six standing starts and one mobile mile (1609 metres) for the R1 and better horses. A discretionary handicap stand has been added to the schedule at the second last meeting. Programming clauses to cater for non-winners during the racing season apply at the last two meetings.

King Island race dates for next season are 3, 17 and 26 December and 1, 14, 21 and 28 January. All King Island race programs can be accessed at Please note stake money levels are provisional and any changes will be advised in September 2016.