From the CEO’s Desk August 2016

Tuesday 2 August 2016

In November 2015, Tasracing launched an industry consultation paper under the title 2020 And Beyond to provide our industry partners and other stakeholders with an opportunity to have a say on a new five-year strategic plan.

Overwhelmingly, feedback received during that process indicated that two issues – infrastructure and stakes – were of critical importance to industry participants going forward.

While a stakes increase of about four per cent per year has already been proposed between now and 2020 (subject to business performance), Tasracing has now launched a second industry consultation paper to assist with the development of an infrastructure plan.

Tasracing accepts there is a need to address racing infrastructure issues in the state following a period of limiting non-essential projects for cash flow purposes.

We have completed our own asset and infrastructure review using our SAMIS system.  It provides a clear understanding of both the value and condition of all Tasracing-owned racing infrastructure, of which there are more than 2200 items across the state.

The result of this work is a list of priority infrastructure investments at each racing venue.

Our vision for the infrastructure plan is as follows:

  • Infrastructure that meets participants’ expectations.
  • A systematic approach to allocation of infrastructure investment.
  • Facilities that meet Tasmania’s tri-code needs across the state.
  • Facilities that meet customer needs.

But now, Tasracing wants your feedback, which is an obvious and important consideration.

A copy of the industry consultation paper for you to download and complete is available at;

It asks a series of questions to assist you to provide your perspective about infrastructure needs.

Tasracing looks forward to receiving your responses and to working with you on the development of a new five-year infrastructure plan for the ultimate benefit of the industry and its participants.


Dr Eliot Forbes