Harness Trials – Update

Tuesday 31 March 2020

As of Friday 3rd April, an education trial will be added to the scheduled pre-race meeting trials.

An Education trial will be held 20 minutes prior to the first scheduled official trial and will have the following maximum field limits:

  • Devonport – 6
  • Hobart – 7
  • Launceston – 7

NB: Horses competing in education trials will not be eligible to compete in a qualify trial on the same day.

Education Trials will only be available for horses that are unqualified.

A maximum of 3 trials will be held at race meetings and are only available to horses requiring to qualify or re-qualify.

Nominations close:

  • Friday meetings – 11am Thursday
  • Sunday meetings – 11am Friday

Late nominations will not be accepted.

A $15 fee will apply to all trials and will be invoiced by and payable to Tasracing. The club will not accept cash payments.