Draft trial dates

Friday 15 May 2020

Tasracing is pleased to release draft Trial dates for all three codes.

Participants should be mindful that attending all Trials will require strict adherence to Tasracing’s COVID-19 SAFE Guidelines.

Tasracing will be deploying COVID-19 TRACK MARSHALLS at every Trial, to monitor participant compliance with the COVID-19 SAFE Guidelines.

Stewards will have the authority to immediately remove any participant from a racing venue upon the direction of a COVID-19 TRACK MARSHALL.

If you are travelling be mindful of Phase 1 requirements.

Tasracing is encouraging all participants to play their role in helping stop the spread of COVID-19 by downloading the COVIDSafe App which will help expedite contact tracing and serve to benefit the racing industry in the event of a positive case. If you do not use the app Tasracing request that a travel log is maintained to perform the same function.

Tasracing will distribute detailed COVID-19 SAFE Guidelines next week prior to the first trial for each code.

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