Local Welfare Rules and Policies Amended

Thursday 1 July 2021

Tasracing has amended the Local Welfare Rules (Rule 36), the definitions of Rearer and Whelper and has adopted a new policy on the Wind Down Record Requirements.  These rule amendments and the new policy are effective from Friday 16 July 2021.

The major amendments to the Local Welfare rules are:

  • The requirement for a greyhound to be under the care and supervision of a licensed person until such time as it has been rehomed as a pet or placed with a rehoming/adoption agency.
  • The details of the wind-down activities are to be recorded within 48 hours.
  • Every greyhound being rehomed must be desexed – this includes greyhounds being kept by their owner. It is noted the Desexing Program covers this cost.
  • Any registered person organizing or transporting a greyhound (not retired as a pet) into Tasmania must notify ORI prior to the greyhound arriving in the State.

A new policy around the Wind Down Record Requirements has also been adopted and to assist participants a pro forma document is attached to that policy which can be used to maintain the record of the wind down activities being undertaken for each greyhound.

OF MAJOR IMPORTANCE is the fact that the use of tanned and professionally processed sheep skin products will not be permitted in the future.  Due to the significance of this change, Local Rules 36.14 and 36.15 will not be rescinded until Friday 13 August 2021 to enable participants to remove any lures or products from their property which are not synthetic.

As from 13 August 2021, no person is permitted to use anything apart from a synthetic material as a lure in connection with greyhound training, education or preparation to race, racing or trialing.  All lures and drags used at all race tracks and registered trial tracks must be of a material and design approved by the Director of Racing prior to being used.

If the Stewards identify any tanned and professionally processed sheep skin products during an inspection after 13 August and prior to 13 October 2021, then that product will be confiscated and the person and their offence will be detailed in Stewards Reports, but no other action will be taken.

From 13 October 2021 onwards, if a tanned and professionally processed sheep skin product is found on a property, an investigation as to a breach of GAR 86B (1) will be initiated.

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