NWC Group update 1 July 2022

Friday 1 July 2022

Hello Everyone on the NWC

Updates as follows in relation to tracks and training –

Prospective sites:
Mill Rd

All reports received are ‘clear’ including geotech and environmental. Note that EcoTAS have recommended a further detailed assessment in Spring in order to be certain

Written confirmation received from CASA representative that our planned development will not be of concern to the airport

The Tasracing Board approved negotiations to include consideration of additional space for a harness training track and stabling

Bass Hwy

Site reports indicate significant estimated earthworks costs and the presence of crayfish and black gum

Other sites

Two other sites are possible alternatives and investigative works are proceeding as resources are available

Harness training – Maxfield track:

Additional tie-ups are complete

Running rail sight bands soon to be installed on bends (2-3 weeks)

Portaloo being rented

Horse drinking water to tie-ups being priced for installation

Wash bays being priced and will include grey water management

Greyhound training – Showgrounds:

The Racing Minister and Cr Jarman met with Simon Want and discussed the option of a training lease

It was agreed that the Minister’s Office would put a summary proposal of requirements forward for Simon to consider

The Minister’s Office and Tasracing are drafting the proposal and intend to schedule a meeting to present it the week after next.