Transport Policy

Wednesday 3 January 2024




1.1 The objective of this policy is to outline the recommended standards for the transport of greyhounds.


2.1. Transport should only be in motor vehicles or containers or trailers suitable for the purpose of transporting animals of greyhound size.

2.2. All greyhounds transported within motor vehicles should be suitably restrained to ensure security and protection for the driver and passengers of the vehicle as well as that of the greyhound.

2.3. Motor vehicles and trailers must be clean, registered, secure and roadworthy.  Containers must be clean and secure.

2.4. Internal areas in the mode of transport should permit a greyhound sufficient room to enable it to sit, lie down or stand in a natural position without restriction and also be of appropriate size to avoid trauma during transport.

2.5. Greyhounds must be protected from extremes of temperature and must be provided with adequate light and ventilation.

2.6. Greyhounds must be given regular opportunity to “empty out” outside the mode of transport and to consume food/fluids during long periods of transportation.

2.7. Greyhounds must not be left unattended in a vehicle, trailer or container for any extended period.

2.8. Transport by air should be conducted in accordance with International Air Transport Association Live Animals Regulations as amended from time to time.  (