Pony trots are back for summer

Thursday 6 December 2012

The pony trots are back in action. The next generation of harness drivers in Tasmania trotted out for the first time this season at Carrick on Saturday (1 December) and they back up again at the Burnie twilight meeting on Friday 14 December.

Pony trots are for children/teenagers aged six to sixteen year olds who have a tractable pony they can drive for the 400 metre distance of each pony race but some travel less due to the handicap format of pony trots. Two pony trots are scheduled at each pony trot venue with handicaps being adjusted after each race.

Handicaps for the first race at Burnie on 14 December 2012 are:

Pony                                                Driver                                                       Handicap (Metres)

Bush Tucker Man                     Eliza Howlett                                                            400

Princess Pipi                              Malcolm Jones and Logan Jones                     350

Little Legend                              Ryan Arnott and Adele Arnott                        350

Pain In The Glass                      Taylor Ford                                                              330

Max                                                Charlie Castles                                                        230

Sky Valley                                    Brodie Davis                                                           220

Thunder                                        Brock Emery                                                          200

Buddy                                            Matilda Rawlings                                                  200


The racing schedule is:

Saturday twilight 1 December 2012                          Carrick

Friday twilight 14 December 2012                            Burnie

Sunday twilight 23 December 2012                          Hobart (Grass)

Wednesday night 26 December 2012                       Devonport

Tuesday afternoon 1 January 2013                           St Marys

Friday twilight 11 January 2013                                 Scottsdale

Friday twilight 18 January 2013                                 Burnie

Sunday twilight 27 January 2013                              Spreyton

Sunday twilight 3 February 2013                               Launceston (Grass)

Friday twilight 8 February 2013                                 Burnie

Saturday twilight 16 February 2013                          Carrick

Saturday afternoon 23 March 2013                           Burnie


Please contact Karen Dornauf or Kevin Neilson if you require further details.

Kevin Neilson

Code Development Manager Harness