Loop Arm Lure Update

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Tasracing has now carried out a visual inspection of the loop arm lure which failed at Devonport last week and has also inspected the loop arm lure in use at Launceston.

Approval has been granted for the loop arm lure at Launceston to continue to be used for trials, both fightback and normal trials.  The materials and design of the loop arm lure in use at Launceston is different to what was in use at Devonport and has been in operation for approx 12 months without incident.

A loop arm lure has been developed and will be introduced for fightback trials at Hobart commencing on Saturday 5 April, 2014.

A new loop arm for Devonport is currently under construction.  Trainers will be advised when the loop arm lure will be back in operation at Devonport.

Neil Gardner
Asset Manager