Greyhound policy manual amended

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Tasracing has adopted policies covering five aspects of Lure Driving, namely:

  •  Boxes Fail to Open
  •  Boxes Open Prematurely
  •  Catching Pen Gate Not Closed
  •  Cover Left on Lure
  •  Greyhounds Catch the Lure

These policies detail the normal procedures to be followed in each situation, recognising that situations may arise from time to time where the Stewards and/or the Lure Driver may be required to deviate from the policy due to extraordinary circumstances, but at all times decision makers will endeavour to achieve suitable welfare outcomes in line with the objectives of this policy.

The policies are effective from 17 July 2014.

Full details of the policies are available from Tasracing Greyhound Rules and Policies or from the Club offices on raceday.