Industry Sustainability and Programming

Monday 14 September 2015

The Tasracing Board has finalised its position on a way forward regarding the implementation of the Racing Minister’s funding reset decision.

Its deliberations follow consultation with stakeholders and industry representatives and the receipt of direct feedback from participants.

Set for implementation from 1 November for the greyhound code, the following key changes have been agreed to:

  • Stakes and prize money reset to $3.75 million (13 per cent lower than 2014/15).
  • Maintain 100 per cent of programmed racing volume.
  • Introduction of a new $80 welfare levy which will help fund initiatives such as the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP).
  • Increased funding to be provided to the GAP in line with community expectations.
  • Three Group races retained and the introduction of an additional breeder’s classic series.
  • The Tasbred bonus will conclude.

On an operational level, from 1 November 2015, no funding will be provided for any additional races and no Qualifying Trials will be scheduled.   The Minister’s Gift series will not be scheduled in 2016 and the Maiden Thousand Heats will be conducted as non-penalty races with stakes of $405, $115 and $60 for the first three placegetters.

In addition, further changes will be reflected in the feature events with the introduction of a new series for either Grade 6 or Grade 5 greyhounds each month where a breeders classic series is not scheduled.  These series will be a Best 16 restricted to Grade 6 or Grade 5 Tasbred greyhounds and the final will carry a payment to the breeder of the first three placegetters of $900, $260 and $130.

A masters race, restricted to greyhounds over 42 months of age will also be programmed fortnightly rotating between the three clubs over the short-sprint, sprint and mid-distance. These races will be free-to-all races with every second race being selected on a reverse order of grade and order of choice. These races will carry maiden stakemoney.

In addition at one meeting each week, again rotating between clubs and over the short-sprint, sprint and mid-distance, two non-penalty races will be conducted with the first five placegetters being named in a final the following week.  The non-penalty races will carry stake money for the first three placegetters of $405, $115 and $60 with the final carrying normal graded stakes.  The grades of these races will rotate between Grade 6 and Grade 5 at each of the three tracks with the fields for the heats being selected on a reverse order of choice (i.e. Choice 12 greyhounds will be first selected, Choice 11 greyhounds next selected and so on). These will be reflected in the forthcoming programmes with the reference “ROC” (reverse order of choice).  Where appropriate a Maiden race will be scheduled at the other two meetings each week.

There are significant changes to the programming of races and the options available to trainers from 1 November 2015 as a result of the review of the Grading Schedule as announced by the Office of Racing Integrity and the above programming changes, and trainers are urged to review the Forthcoming Programmes in the Formguide or listed on the Tasracing website prior to nominating.