Industry Notice – Revised Urine & New Plasma Thresholds for Cobalt

Friday 8 July 2016


Please be aware that:

1. The urine threshold for cobalt will be lowered from 200 micrograms per litre (μg/L) to 100μg/L with effect from 1st September 2016.

2. A plasma threshold of 25 μg/L will also be implemented from 1st September 2016.

The lowered urine cobalt threshold and the introduction of a plasma cobalt threshold provide a significantly more sensitive means of detecting the abuse of cobalt in racing.

Therefore trainers are advised:
* That a normal racing diet is more than sufficient to meet a horse’ s nutritional requirements for cobalt and vitamin B12.
* That registered injectable cobalt supplements offer no nutritional advantages because incorporation of cobalt into the vitamin B12 molecule occurs within the horse’s gut.
* To consult with their veterinarians to ensure that their oral supplementation regimen provides only the amount of cobalt necessary to meet the scientifically established nutritional requirements     of the horse for cobalt.
* To administer only nutritional supplements that are manufactured ormarketed by reputable companies and to administer such supplements only at the manufacturer’s recommended dose and       frequency of administration.
* To avoid the simultaneous use of multiple supplements containing cobalt and vitamin B12.
* That administering products that are inadequately labelled, that make claims to enhance racing performance or to be ‘undetectable’, or which are marketed over the internet is extremely unwise.
* To comply with the one clear day restriction on the injection of any substance prior to racing.

Please direct any queries to ORI Stewards – (03) 6777 1900