Tasracing backs the Trainers’ Trust

Monday 10 April 2017

TASRACING has put its weight behind the recently formed Australian Trainers’ Trust (ATT) that was established in 2015 to assist registered thoroughbred trainers and their families who encounter extreme financial strain through death or injury.

The establishment of the ATT follows in the footsteps of the National Jockeys Trust that has been a blessing for the families of fallen and badly injured jockeys over the years.

The Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA) had long identified that no single national medium existed to support trainers suffering serious financial hardship.

To address this, in 2014 the ATA commenced work on the design of the structure and application of a National Trust.

After 18 months of negotiations and hard work, the Australian Trainers’ Trust (ATT) was born and launched nationwide in September 2015.

Tasracing CEO Vaughn Lynch welcomes the establishment of the ATT.

“Tasracing is pleased to be able to support the ATA’s Australian Trainers’ Trust and along with the ATA we are committed to assisting industry participants,” Lynch said.

The ATT will have a race named after it at the last night meeting of the season in Launceston on Wednesday night with members of the ATT executive and Trust Members to be present at the meeting to help promote the awareness of the ATT.

The criteria for ATT claims is as follows:

A trainer has suffered serious injury, serious illness, or death, and

This in turn, creates a situation where the trainer and/or his immediate family experience acute financial hardship. This will constitute “necessitous financial circumstances”.

Claims must be lodged using an official ATT Claim Form. Forms are available from the ATA upon request. All claims must be validated by appropriate supporting documentation, e.g. Invoices, Medical Certification, etc.

The Trustees meet monthly to assess each claim on its merits and make adjudication on entitlement. Claimants are in turn advised directly, in writing, of the decision. Where a claim is accepted, a cheque will be sent to the claimant via standard post.

The ATT operates for the benefit of ALL Licensed Trainers. There is no discrimination around trainer type, location, size of stable or whether they are a member or non-member of the ATA.

At the end of December 2016, a total of 14 claim submissions had been received by the Trustees.

Of these, 8 claims were assessed to have met the Trust criteria, which have resulted in a collective total of $46,000 being paid out to claimants.

This includes claimants residing in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland comprising member and non-member types of the ATA.

The ATT has three (3) Trustees, two who are independent of the ATA.

The current Trustees are: the Hon Michael Duffy, Mr. Ross Inglis and Mr. John Alducci.

The ATA acts as Administration Manager for the ATT which is also responsible for promoting the ATT through industry channels, media outlets and via themed events (i.e. named races), and for attracting financial contributors.

A Deed of Trust governs the purpose of the ATT, its operation and the responsibilities of the Trustees.