Greyhound Programming Update

Thursday 25 January 2018


The Programming Sub Committee at its recent meeting reviewed the decision that the option to nominate “No Higher” not be permitted except when nominating for a maiden event.

While no further submissions were received, Tasracing has accepted the recommendation that the option to nominate “No Higher” will continue to be excluded except when nominating for a maiden event.

The decision will again be reviewed at the March 2018 meeting of the Programming Sub Committee.

Tasracing has approved the following recommendations from the Sub Committee:


Race Programming

Clause 2.6.2 and 2.8 of the Race Programming policy have been amended to read:

  • 6.2 – Short sprint races will be programmed on a rotation basis (where possible) of Grade 6, Grade 5, Grade 4, Grade 6, Free-to-All and Maiden.
  • 8 – A maiden race, either over the sprint or short sprint, will be programmed where practical each fortnight on a rotation basis between tracks.

New clause 2.9 – The Grade 6 races at one meeting per month over the sprint, rotating between tracks, will be restricted to Tasbred greyhounds only.


Tasbred Racing

A new feature series has been added to the calendar in June.  It will be known as the Winter Tasbred Cup and will be conducted with 8 heats and a final over the sprint distance.  The series will be restricted to Tasbred Grade 3, 4 & 5 greyhounds and carry stakes of $10,000 to the winner.  To cater for this new series, which will be hosted at Hobart in 2018, the Silver Trophy has been amended to a Best 8 race on 21 June.  The heats of the Winter Tasbred Cup will be held on 14 June with the final on the same night as the Silver Trophy (21 June).


New Maiden Series

A maiden series consisting of 5 heats and a final over the sprint distance for Tasbred All-Age-Maidens has been added to the calendar for Launceston in April.  The heats will be conducted on 2 April with the final on 9 April which will carry stakes of $4,000 to the winner.


Dual Code Meeting

A dual greyhound/harness meeting at Devonport has been added to the calendar on 2 February.  The greyhound races will be restricted to 8 races and be for Maidens, Grade 6, Grade 5 and Grade 4 greyhounds.


Additional Races

From 1 March 2018, 11 races will be scheduled if there are sufficient nominations.  The programmes will, on occasions, only list 10 programmed races with the additional race being determined by the nominations in accordance with the order of races listed in Clause 2.5 of the Minimum Nominations policy.  For a trial period, at meetings where 11 races are conducted, qualifying trials will be restricted to 3 heats.  This arrangement will be reviewed and will be amended if not proving satisfactory.

The programming will continue to undergo review and development and Trainers are encouraged to provide written comments and/or suggestions for improvement to their Club or Tasracing to assist in this development process.


Peter J Wesley

Racing Program Manager

19 January 2018