Lot 599 New Derby/ARB-2 Helmets

Friday 16 March 2018

We have been made aware of a potential issue with Lot 599 New Derby/ARB-2 helmets manufactured by Aussie Rider in July 2015.

Helmets from this Lot are currently undergoing independent assessment by Human Impact Engineering. Preliminary advice is that, although the Lot 599 helmets are likely compliant with the relevant standards, their production quality is not as high as it should be.

Accordingly, for more abundant caution, we recommend that each PRA seeks the return of any Lot 599 New Derby/ARB-2 helmets from riders in their jurisdiction. The Lot number is handwritten on the Australian Standard certification tag, which is sewn onto the lining on the inside of the helmet.

Racing Australia will replace any returned helmets at no cost.

Testing on helmets from other lots have not revealed any issues.

If you have the above helmet that requires replacement please contact Ange Barrett on (03) 6212 9307.


Please pass this information on to anyone you deem may be affected by this issue.