Harness breeding incentives

Friday 17 January 2020

One of the outcomes from the Harness Standardbred Review was for changes to be made to the current Breeder’s Support Policy.

After continued feedback and discussions with industry at the initial forums and follow up workshops the following changes will be actioned.  These changes will be implemented with an effective date of 1st September 2019, with all bonuses to be paid retrospective.

The Tasbred bonus payment will be paid on the horses first win only. The horse will be not be eligible for any further bonus payments.

  Owner Breeder Breeder’s Coupon Total
2YO’s – Maiden Win ONLY $6,000 $2,000 $2,000 $10,000
3YO’s – Maiden Win ONLY $6,000 $2,000 $2,000 $10,000
4YO’s – Maiden Win $4,875 $1,625 $       0 $  6,500
5YO & Older – Maiden Win $2,500 $       0 $       0 $  2,500
Foal Born $       0 $2,000 $       0 $  2,000


An increased payment to both Owners and Breeders on their horses first win, with changes to the split up as the horse ages.

2 & 3YO’s – Owner 60% / Breeder 40% (20% Cash and 20% Coupon)

4YO’s – Owner 75% / Breeder 25% (cash only)

5YO’s & Older – Owner only 100%

Breeders Coupons will still be included for Breeder’s only for 2 & 3YO wins which are eligible for use within 24 months of being earnt. Breeders coupons will expire within 24 months of being issued.

Breeders Coupons will be available for reimbursement on the supply of service and vet invoices.

Foal Born payments will be made to Breeders once the foal notification form has been processed by the Office of Racing Integrity and TASBRED eligibility has been determined.

The current Breeder’s Support Policy will be amended and advertised on completion.

TRANSITION – With the season already underway there will be a transitional period. For further information click here.

For any enquiries please contact Ange Barrett on (03) 6212 9307.