Fever testing at racecourse entry points

Friday 27 March 2020

In line with Tasracing’s Covid-19 response measures designed to protect racing participants and the wider community, fever testing will now be undertaken at the entrance point to all racecourses.

Testing will commence on Saturday 28 March at the Tasmanian Turf Club thoroughbred meeting and continue across all three codes of racing.

All trainers, jockeys and other participants, along with essential racing operational personnel, including club officials, Office of Racing Integrity (ORI) staff and Tasracing staff, will be required to undergo the test on arrival at all race meetings.

The test comprises a 30 second process which measures each person’s temperature from their forehead or ear.

A series of questions is then asked in line with guidelines from the Tasmanian Health Department.

Any person who returns a temperature reading of more than 38 degrees, and/or submits answers which indicate possible Covid-19 exposure may be refused entry to the racecourse.

Tasracing’s oncourse medical services partner, Medical Edge, will be delegated full decision making authority on who is admitted and who is not admitted based on this process.

Further, ORI has absolute authority to enforce any decision made by Medical Edge as part of this testing process.

Security staff will also be present at the entrance of all racing venues ensuring those gaining entry are carrying appropriate identification.

To allow entry to approved operational staff and personnel, Tasracing is introducing fever testing at racecourse entry points commencing at the following meetings across the three codes:

  • Saturday 28 March at Launceston and at every thoroughbred race meeting thereafter.
  • Sunday 29 March at Launceston and at every harness race meeting thereafter.
  • Monday 30 March at Launceston and at every greyhound race meeting thereafter.

Tasracing CEO Paul Eriksson said this testing was designed to increase the level of protection for essential racing participants, as the company continued to do everything it could to keep racing safely.

“Racing has been closed to all but the bare minimum number of people required for racing to continue since 16 March,” he said.

“We will continue to comply with all government directives in relation to the running of racing during the Covid-19 crisis, which includes physical distancing of 1.5 metres and four square metres space.

“Racing employs more than 5,000 Tasmanians and contributes more than $100m to our economy, hence while we can continue to race safely and within the law, we will.”