From the CEO’s Desk: North West Harness and Greyhound Facility Project

Thursday 26 November 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to provide further information on the North West Project.  Tasracing was under significant time pressures to lock in Professor Eager’s attendance before Christmas so that we could begin to engage with Industry and we are only now getting the breathing space to provide further information.

Potential Sites

We have identified two specific potential sites at present, at Spreyton and Latrobe. A third site has been discussed and will be investigated as an option.

Industry Consultation

This project is on a very tight timeline. Tasracing wants to get moving on this as quickly as possible and knowing that the key discussion point would be the greyhound track design we have locked in a visit by Professor Eager as quickly as possible. Professor Eager will be inspecting all three greyhound tracks as well as attending the GRG meeting at Campbell Town on the 2nd before attending the initial project meeting at Spreyton on the 3rd. The intention is that there will be a number of meetings going forward so that all participants can contribute to the process.

Whilst we understand that the project needs to progress to a planning stage to have worthwhile discussions it is our view that running the survey and initial discussions in parallel will assist with reducing time pressures.

Tasracing will establish a Project Committee that will include Industry participants. This Committee will be in place for the entirety of the project once established.

As the other key individuals (civil and design engineers) are appointed we will involve them in Industry discussions.

We see the consultation phase to run parallel with the design phase for a number of months.

Engagement of Experts

Tasracing has engaged Professor Eager to consult on the greyhound track design. We are also in discussions with Greyhound Racing South Australia regarding Murray Bridge. We will also be communicating with Greyhound Racing Victoria regarding Trarlgon and the process they went through.

In relation to the Harness track we have been in contact with Harness Racing NSW and started to receive copies of their design documents for the tracks they have recently constructed. We have also been in contact with Harness Racing Australia on harness track standards and the latest positions will be made available.

Tasracing has engaged a Tasmanian surveyor who has conducted prior work on race tracks. The surveyor will be conducting their work in the first week of December and we are hopeful that by late December we will accurate surveys of the currently identified sites so that we can overlay track designs in January and have more meaningful discussions with Industry.

Project Management

Tasracing will engage a Project Manager who will oversee the project and keep all stakeholders appraised of progress.


Based on previous projects both here and interstate we believe that the consult and design phase will take through to May / June 2021 with construction to commence around July 2021.  Depending on the site we would anticipate a 12 month construction time.

Tasracing will keep industry involved and informed so that all are aware of the timeline and the impact to racing on the coast.


Tasracing will establish a communication strategy to ensure information and updates are available to the wider industry as the project progresses.

Paul Eriksson

CEO Tasracing