Updated GA Policy – Approval of Greyhound Passport for Export

Wednesday 2 August 2023

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) advise the Board approved update to policy for the approval of Greyhound Passport for export and the execution of Greyhound Australasia Rule 44 and Rule 45.

The updated policy provides clarification on destination country requirements (excluding New Zealand) for GA Greyhound Passport approval where greyhounds are being exported, for the purpose of:
• Racing and/or
• Breeding.

From August 1, 2023, Greyhounds Australasia recognised Racing & Breeding Authorities are limited to:
• Great Britain – Greyhound Board of Great Britain
• Ireland – Greyhound Racing Ireland
• Ireland – Irish Coursing Club
• United States of America – National Greyhound Association

Where the intended destination for the export of a greyhound is a country or jurisdiction where Greyhounds Australasia has no formal association with a recognised racing or breeding regulatory authority, a Greyhounds Australasia Passport will not be granted.

Exemption of destination requirements for GA Greyhound Passports, may be made for greyhounds that have been retired in accordance with the GA Rules and are being exported for the purpose of companion animal/pet.

All GA Greyhound Passport processing remains a Fee Free Service.
Under the revised policy, the destination exemption has been extended to a complimentary GA Greyhound Passport application for non-registered persons (third party owners) of retired greyhounds seeking export.

The Greyhound Passport for a retired greyhound is subject to confirmation that the greyhound is compliant with the GA Rules, in particular:
• GAR 22 Notification of retirement, and
• GAR 24 Mandatory sterilization of greyhounds retired as pets.

A Greyhound Passport can only be issued following the receipt and approval of a completed Greyhounds Australasia Greyhound Passport application form – forms are available at

Application for Greyhound Passport