Tasracing Statement in response to Animal Liberation Tasmania footage

Thursday 3 August 2023

Vision has been circulated online late yesterday by Animal Liberation Tasmania and a group calling themselves Defund Tasracing that relates to the property of one of our greyhound trainers.

Some of the vision, on face value, raises concerns relating to animal welfare and Tasracing will wait for ORI’s investigation, commencing today, before considering further action that may be appropriate.

The welfare of our racing animals is paramount. We will continue our >$1M investment into animal welfare each year and encourage anyone (Tasracing, participants or the general public) with animal welfare concerns to raise them with ORI, the RSPCA or TasPolice.

Without reference to the vision mentioned above, there is no place in our industry for anyone who mistreats animals.

I have stated all of the above to the media this morning. The opportunity was also taken to re-state the reason that the Tasmanian racing industry receives State Government funding is as compensation for the sale of TasTOTE

Andrew Jenkins, Tasracing CEO.