Code funding allocation model – 2014/15

Opportunity to provide feedback

On 1 July 2011, after analysis and consultation, Tasracing introduced a new code funding model. This model was introduced to deliver appropriate and equitable funding to the industry with recognition of performance for each of the three codes.

The funding model has been operational for the past three years and is now scheduled for review and revision prior to the 2014-15 code allocations.

As part of this review process, Tasracing is asking for feedback from industry participants on any changes to be made to the model for the 2014-15 (and beyond) allocations.

Code Allocation Model papers:


Consultation Process

This paper is stage two of a three stage consultation process for the Code allocation model review outlined below.

Tasracing will be finalising the preferred code allocation model in June for presentation at the June industry forums with a final decision to be made at the July Tasracing Board meeting.

Written comments on this paper are requested to Tasracing at the earliest opportunity for consideration in the June presentation.  Participants not able to meet this timeline are still encouraged to provide comments at any stage during the consultation process prior to the final approval of the model.  Comments can be submitted to Daron via email at 

Chris Brookwell (CFO) and Daron Heald (Business Analyst) are also available to meet if required. Please contact Daron on 03 6212 9310 or to discuss a meeting.