New Licence and Rule Amendments Adopted

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Tasracing has introduced a new licence type effective from 1 August 2016.

The new licence is a Catcher/Attendant Provisional licence.

The new licence is a learner’s licence for people, under the guidance of a registered trainer, to gain experience in handling and catching greyhounds at trial sessions before applying for their catchers and/or attendants licence.

The introduction of the new licence coincides with the amendment to the Local Rules which requires every person handling a greyhound at a trial session to be registered – either as a trainer, owner/attendant, attendant, catcher or catcher/attendant provisional.

Stewards have indicated they will be attending trials sessions and checking on the registration status of any persons handling greyhounds at the trials.

The application requirements have been minimised to make the process as simple as possible, namely:

The holder of a Catcher/Attendant Provisional licence may catch, handle and parade or kennel any greyhounds at trials only under the supervision of a nominated licensed Trainer.

A Catcher/Attendant Provisional licence is issued at the discretion of the Director of Racing to a person who has:

  • Attained the age of fourteen (14) years. (Written parental consent is required if under eighteen (18) years of age)
  • Lodged a completed application form with the prescribed fee.
  • If not already submitted, provided a Birth Certificate or an extract of same or other evidence of identity.
  • For persons over eighteen (18) years of age, submitted a Statutory Declaration regarding criminal history.  (New applicants)

NB:  The nominated Trainer must have completed and lodged a supervision and instruction agreement.

Holders of a Catcher/Attendant Provisional licence will be covered by the Group Personal Accident policy which is in place to cover handlers and catchers at race meetings and supervised trial sessions conducted at a registered track or registered trial track in Tasmania.

Details of the amendments to the Local Rules are available at or at the tracks on raceday.