Tasmanian Government Commitment to Greyhound Industry Welcomed

Thursday 7 July 2016

Tasracing has welcomed a Tasmanian Government statement that it has “no intention of shutting down the greyhound racing industry” in the state.

Speaking following a NSW Government decision that it would shut down the greyhound industry in that state, Tasracing chief executive officer Dr Eliot Forbes said it was unfair to draw comparisons with the industry in Tasmania.

“Tasracing believes that greyhound racing in Tasmania is conducted lawfully and ethically and that participants treat their dogs with the utmost respect and compassion,” he said.

“Importantly, there is a formal finding by the former Director of Racing and the Chief Veterinary Officer that there is no evidence of live baiting occurring in Tasmania.

“Tasracing’s clearly stated position is that it wants to see an industry where every greyhound has every opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling life after racing.

“Tasracing has introduced a number of key reforms that support this position.”

Dr Forbes said there were new breeding restrictions imposed on the number of litters allowable, no breeding incentives or subsidies and mandatory education units for licensed participants.

“We have also introduced masters racing for older greyhounds and pathways racing for greyhounds of all abilities,” he said.

Dr Forbes said Tasracing had doubled Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP Tasmania) funding to more than $200,000 in 2015/16 and adoptions had increased by 35 per cent in the same financial year.

GAP Tasmania is a not-for-profit that operates under the Tasracing umbrella that works to help greyhounds find a permanent pet home after retiring from racing.

Welfare of all racing animals is a priority for Tasracing: find out more about our programs.