Greyhound programming update

Thursday 23 May 2019

The Programming Sub Committee at its meeting on 28 February reviewed the Minimum Nominations policy.

Tasracing has reviewed the recommendations of the Sub Committee and have amended the policy with the following changes:

  • Clause 2.8 has been rescinded. This will mean that any Free-To-All Reverse Order of Grade and Reverse Order of Choice race will not be divided with the highest grades in one division and the lowest grades in the second division.  Any division will be by blind draw with guarding.
  • The order in which Short Sprint races will be programmed has been amended to ensure that any Short Sprint race called will be the first option if additional races are required.
  • The manner in which the races to be conducted is determined has been documented and included in the policy.
  • A review of clause 2.7 (now clause 2.9 – transferring Grade 3 greyhounds to a Mixed 1/2 race) has resulted in a minor amendment so that the clause is not implemented if there is a Mixed 1/2 and an Invitation race both scheduled to be conducted.

These amendments are effective from 1 June 2019.

While the policies are believed to be working to meet the expectations and requirements of the industry, they will continue to undergo review and development and participants are encouraged to provide written comments and/or suggestions for improvement to their Club or Tasracing to assist in this ongoing review process.

The amended policy can be viewed here.