Ongoing Safety Assessments – Tasmanian Greyhound Racing Tracks

Friday 5 July 2019

Racing animal welfare is of utmost importance to Tasracing.

One way we are ensuring optimal welfare outcomes for greyhounds is through a commitment to best practice maintenance of race tracks.

All of Tasmania’s three greyhound tracks are regularly tested for compaction and moisture levels. This testing allows Tasracing to make constant adjustments to track maintenance activities to ensure the safest possible racing surface for greyhounds.

In addition to this regular testing, Tasracing is undertaking detailed surveys of each greyhound track to benchmark against national best practice. A recent survey of the Devonport greyhound track has allowed Tasracing to implement some improvements to that track to maintain the national standard.

Similar surveys and maintenance responses for Mowbray and Elwick are scheduled for the near future. This is expected to further enhance the quality of Tasracing’s maintenance regimes for these tracks, with animal welfare the primary goal.

Read more about Tasracing’s commitment to racing animal welfare here.