From the CEO’s Desk

Tuesday 1 September 2020

Elwick track update

Further to the update on the Elwick track I provided on 19 August, Tasracing has decided to transfer the thoroughbred race meeting originally scheduled for 20 September from Elwick to Spreyton.

In my previous communication to the industry I reported that the track sustained significant unplanned use to accommodate additional trials and racing after the Covid-19 shutdown, and, as expected, the track was impacted.

I also reported that while kickback during the 19 July meeting was obvious, the footing remained “consolidated”, which is an overall safety improvement compared to the old track.

Importantly, we have been pleased with the rate of recovery from the unplanned heavy use in June and July.

Further, we have full confidence in the Elwick track given the rate of recovery seen following the unplanned additional use in June and July brought about by the Covid-19 shutdown.

Although the inside 12-metres are in excellent condition, Tasracing and Strathayr have determined that the remaining areas would significantly benefit from additional time to recover.

We are therefore confident that, by delaying the return to Elwick by two weeks to 4 October, the solid recovery progress we have seen to date will be consolidated by Spring growing conditions.

This two-week delay is in the best interests of the track and should consolidate the growth of the entire width of the grass surface enabling the track to perform to a high standard for the whole season.

Elwick remains under an aggressive maintenance schedule designed to achieve full recovery from the heavy use inflicted by our Covid-19 shutdown.

The key areas of focus for track management are aeration, fertilising and topdressing. The track management plan is reviewed regularly with Strathayr and adjustments made accordingly.

Tasracing has discussed the transfer of the 20 September meeting to Spreyton with the Tasmanian Racing Club (TRC) which is in support of the decision to put the interests of the track first.

TRC Chairman Andrew Scanlon said: “Although the Club is disappointed to lose a meeting, we are keen to ensure the track recovers after the high use following the Covid-shutdown.”

DRC Chairman Barry Milton said the club would endeavour to make the most of the opportunity: “We feel for the TRC in losing a scheduled meeting, but we are glad to be able to step in for the benefit of participants and punters. We will look to put on a good day of hospitality for our members and guests. We are also providing free entry to all.”

Trials, Jump Outs and Track Gallops will also be transferred from Elwick to Longford for the month of September.

We will communicate these dates with participants in the coming days as they are finalised.

Tasracing will continue to provide thoroughbred participants with relevant updates to the Elwick track maintenance schedule between now and 4 October.

Trainers and Jockeys will be invited to walk the track over the next two weeks.

Paul Eriksson


Chief Executive Officer