From the CEO’s Desk

Friday 9 April 2021

Track renovation works at Mowbray – designed to extend the life of the track and to ensure its excellent drainage rate is maintained – have commenced this week.

The renovation work underway on the 12-year-old StrathAyr track is much “heavier” than the recent annual renovation.

Specifically, the work will remove significant thatch and older turf from the track surface.

A poa annua (type of low-growing grass) eradication program is also being undertaken which may create some discolouration to the track over the next few weeks. This is to be expected.

New ryegrass seed and topdressing sand will be applied.

Overall, the program of work should take about seven days to complete.

We expect to see ryegrass germinating in the third week of April that will be well-established by the middle of May.

The earlier completion of the racing season has provided the opportunity to undertake this work now – and will make good use of Autumn growing conditions – to ensure the track is in the best possible condition for the return to thoroughbred night racing in October.

We are confident that these works, combined with the ongoing track maintenance program, will improve the track’s performance in the short and long-term and, as already noted, the longevity of the current track surface.

As you would be aware, Tasracing has engaged Sports Turf on an ongoing basis to provide scientific advice on the Mowbray track (and at Elwick). Sports Turf provide advice on the thoroughbred tracks at Moonee Valley and Flemington. The program of works at Mowbray has been discussed and agreed with Sports Turf.

Tasracing will continue to consult and communicate with industry about its plans for track management.

Paul Eriksson