Roll out of Stable Agreements

Monday 2 August 2021

All tenants using stable boxes at any of Tasracing’s three training facilities (Brighton, Longford and Spreyton) will soon be required to enter into a Stable Agreement with Tasracing. Stable Agreements are crucial to ensure there are consistent terms and conditions regarding the use of stable boxes at Tasracing’s training facilities, subject to the specific facility requirements. Stable Agreements in relation to the use of stable boxes at Tasracing’s training facilities are also important as these documents will set out the rights and responsibilities of each party.

For tenants, a Stable Agreement will provide certainty as to how long they can use their designated stable boxes for, how much they will be charged, the security bond amount, what the terms of payment are, and the option to extend the Stable Agreement.

A consistent rate of $18.00 plus GST per week per stable box used will apply, and the Stable Agreements will be for a two-year term. Subject to the terms of the Stable Agreements, tenants will have the option to extend the two-year term for a further two years.

Stable Agreements will be sent out to all tenants in the coming weeks.