Tasracing Elwick Thoroughbred track update February 2022

Monday 28 February 2022

Elwick Thoroughbred Track Update

The redeveloped Elwick thoroughbred track has continued to improve over the last 12 months and performed exceptionally well during the Summer Carnival.

Its performance is even more impressive when you consider the poor spring weather we experienced and the track’s relative immaturity.

The Tasracing track team is to be congratulated for delivering a superior racing surface that raced evenly and fairly where winners came from both on pace and back in the field.

Track performance – Tasmanian Derby and Hobart Cup

The rail was in the true position for the eight-race program on Tasmanian Derby day and the track played well. While no leaders won, horses that raced on the fence and saved ground were still able to perform well.

Later in the meeting it was evident that hard on the fence was not the place to be and jockeys edged away from that part of the track.

Horses were able to win sitting on speed and coming from back in the field.

While Tasracing notes comments regarding the placement of the rail “delivering leader bias”, it is our view that these concerns are unfounded.

The rail was out six metres for the 10 race program on Hobart Cup Day and the track again played well.

While riders tended to edge one to two horses off the fence in the straight for most of the day, Hellova Night, Finxy, Northern Spirit and More Than Exceed were all winners that raced on the fence.

Horses got towards the middle of the track and wider in the last two races but these were both over a staying trip and primarily dominated by horses racing off the speed.

Horses were able to win leading, racing close to the speed and coming from back in the field.


It is very clear that the critical works carried out at the last annual renovation have been successful, and have either achieved or exceeded our expectations.

The track is in a better position than it has been previously and will continue to improve.

The ongoing maintenance program continues to be a key focus, Importantly, it is regularly evaluated and audited while consulting industry experts to ensure actions remain relevant and current.

At the conclusion of the trials on Wednesday 16 February, a mini track renovation commenced. This comprised vegetation reduction, aeration, insecticide application, herbicide (to target Poa annua) topdressing and fertilising the track.

The renovation is designed to improve the track condition to ensure it is in the best possible condition moving into Autumn.

Specifically, the work started with the removal of unwanted turf coverage, followed by aggressive hollow tine aeration to allow the track profile to ‘breathe’. The aeration also removed a small amount of unwanted organic matter that will significantly assist the turf root system to grow deeply and vigorously.

Through lab testing, the track was found to have a small number of nematodes (insects) present which required chemical control. Finally, topdressing material was applied to ‘true up’ the surface and to aid drainage.

Since the renovation, the recovery of the track is progressing well. There is an excellent cover of grass present which bodes well for the recommencement of racing at Elwick on Sunday 27 March 2022. During this race meeting, the rail will be at plus 15 metres to allow additional time for the prime racing surface to develop its root system further leading into the autumn/winter racing period.

Paul Eriksson

Tasracing, CEO