NWC Group update 28 April 2022

Thursday 28 April 2022

Hello everyone on the NWC,

List of actions (with current status) from Friday 22 April industry forums

  • Length of Ulverstone straight training track. Is there a minimum recommended length of this type of track to use a SafeChase lure? Is there a risk of injury to greyhounds with a pull-up area that is short? Would a drag lure be a better option? Participant view is the SafeChase isn’t the right lure. Will be used by only a few trainers and has very limited application given length of chase.

SafeChase lure order now on hold

Tasracing has received confirmation from NWGRC and larger trainers of preference not to proceed. Tasracing will now re-consult with trainers for the preferred lure at Ulverstone.

  • Andrew Jenkins and Alison Jarman to re-approach Simon Want/Enrich re training lease.

Initial discussion with Simon Want today. Lease not ruled out, which is positive, but we have a lot to work through. Updates to follow in due course.

  • Tasracing to consider whether there is merit in approaching politicians to lobby against the natural values restrictions (noting the recent residential development at Stony Rise).

To be completed.

  • Tasracing to arrange for Racing Minister to make supportive public statement of commitment to NWC tracks.

Completed x2.

  • Tasracing to conduct a survey on a range of issues including tracks and locations with NWC participants and stakeholders.

To be completed.

  • Tasracing to seek participant feedback and review travel subsidy policy in 4-6 weeks.

To be completed.

  • NWC tracks update to be included in Andrew Jenkins’ fortnightly sms general update.

Commenced please refer below.

Tracks and training update

  • As above, initial discussion with Simon Want scheduled for Thursday afternoon. A subsequent update to be provided.
  • Prospective dual-code sites are continuing to be located and assessed for suitability – please note there is a shortlist already being assessed but we are not locking out other sites that may come up in the next week or so via our sourcing consultant and R/E Agent.
  • Minister met NWC tracks project committee in Devonport Weds 27th and re-affirmed in-person commitments to $8M funding and Govt support of new tracks.
  • Harness – final drafts exchanged re Maxfield’s ‘fast work’ site lease on Tues 26th. Waiting confirmation to sign – I followed up both lawyers again today. Once signed I will schedule onsite ‘induction’ sessions and provide registered keys.

Thank you